Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I have ten minutes before I'm heading out the door for my second day of work. Ten minutes to do anything I want. I've already spent an hour this morning lazing about because I didn't need to rush. I've already showered, pulled on a cute dress with leggings, done my hair and makeup and had a quick breakfast. I've played with the dog, checked my e-mail and even goofed off on Facebook.

Yes, yes I do like this new routine.

Soon I'll be driving over to Valpo and my new office. I know there will be work for me to do today. I know that people will be friendly and I don't have to fear snarky and inappropriate/rude comments. I know that if I have a question on something, someone will help me.

But more than anything... I know how much happier I feel. Lighter. I came home last night utterly exhausted from all the new information I had to process. Not to mention all of the up and down moving around I was doing. But you know what? Totally worth it. I might have been tired and ready to sleep for a week, but it was a good sort of tired.

Not dreading my mornings and days is the first step to reclaiming the happiness I've been missing the last few months. Knowing that soon I'll be able to have a full and happy life keeps me going.


Julie Vision Designs said...

I'm so excited for you! I'd love to hear all about the new job! OH, and, BTW, I'm jealous. :-)

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