Sunday, May 16, 2010

Jackasses Forever

Sometimes I feel as though I should have a certain group of friends to make me laugh. People I go out with on the weekends and share all of my life with. And then I remember I have that group of friends. I have a best friend who has known me over half my life and gets me like no one else does. And through her, I have a second family.

My family is great. They are. But I've never felt a connection with some of them. Maybe it's because I came along later than everyone else. Maybe it's because they don't really know me. Or maybe it's a distance thing, but we aren't that close. And I always wanted a family I was close to.

So, I became an honorary member of the Jackass Clan.

Late nights filled with laughing, telling stories, and nearly crying and/or peeing are what family is about. Really. Saying things you shouldn't because you forget Grandpa is in the room, texting words you can't say in front of Grandpa and drinking Dr Pepper. It's all perfect and I'm so lucky that I've met all these people.

I really, really love them all.

It's good to be a Jackass.


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