Monday, April 12, 2010

The Doctor

No, not that one. This Doctor is better.

Once, way back in the times of John Simatovich Elementary, there was a girl sitting on a bench during recess reading a book. I remember her vividly. I remember her in that moment even though I know I met her before then. But that was the moment I remember meeting Beth Ann.

Today a box arrived from Michigan. For no reason at all, she set me a sweet little care package. Various flavors of Kit Kats (which I've already promised to Erin), an Anne Rice book (which Greg already claimed) and an Entertainment Book. Why? Because she's Beth Ann.

And that little box made me think. It made me think about the hours we spent driving back and forth from Wheeler to Indianapolis for FHA State conferences. It reminded me of our horrible taste in boys one summer. I remembered sneaking out of class and hiding in the home ec room with our favorite teacher. It reminds me of learning about death and holding my friend through her tears. Driving down to help her pack up an apartment after she graduated medical school. I remember laughing until we cried so many times that a visit with Beth doesn't seem complete without one.

Just one little box. One box that reminded me of how blessed I am to know her. She probably won't see this. My geeky doctor friend and the internet don't get along. But it was good for me to remember how much I love her and how lucky I am to have her.

Dr. Beth amazes me. There is no way I could ever write about everything we've been through, but I'm glad she remembers enough to send me kit kats and (real) vampire books.


Carmen said...

Anne Rice rocks! What an amazing friendship to have :)

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