Thursday, April 15, 2010

Diet Coke and Pizza Please

There is no way to write this without sounding full of myself. And since I am full of myself there really isn't any point in trying to pretend otherwise. I'm awesome. I am. Sure I have my faults, but I'm choosing to ignore those today. Today I'm embracing myself exactly how I am. I'm not going to use the word "if" or "when" or "maybe". I am simply going to love myself for what I am in this moment.

I'm a big girl. I have hips so epic that I use them to be remembered. And you know what? I love how I look. I love how I feel. I'm happy with who I am.

This might go away tomorrow, but for today I'm confident and feel good and I'm going to hold onto that as hard as I can. There are some days when we let our faults consume us and rule us. But not today.

Today I am going to list everything I love about myself. I'm going to play a song over and over again. I'm going to encourage everyone else to be happy about themselves.

Because I am beautiful. I am funny and intelligent. I am compassionate and outgoing. I am dedicated and loving and friendly. I'm interesting and spiritual and a good wife. I'm a great friend and a kick ass babysitting. And, to quote the best movie of all time, "He worked in profanity the way other artists might work in oils or clay. It was his true medium; a master."

So, please, share something you love about yourself. Or 100 things you love about yourself. All of your insecurities and fears and faults.. ignore them. They'll still be there tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

I'm a great mom, love my hair and even though I'm not at my ideal weight I still love the way I look. I'm funny, optimistic and an excellent friend.

Ooh that felt good.

Julie Vision Designs said...

I love this. You are fantastic!

Kaycee said...

Popping over from Happy Fat Girl's blog - I LOVE this. Love it. I love when people can own what is great about themselves (and I love "A Christmas Story" too - great quote!). It's such a hard thing to do and it should not be.

As for me? I love fiercely and am protective of my family, they come first - always. I am creative, hard-working, and motivated. I am a teacher, and a darn good one. I care. About my family, my students, my world. I believe in myself and my own strength of purpose.

Molly said...

I knew from the title alone that you were talking about Big Girl. I LOVE THAT SONG! seriously.

Jade said...

You are indeed awesome!

Myself? Right now, what I love about me, is that I somehow manage to keep insisting on living the life less traveled. I ignore all the naysayers and end up doing things I'll love and remember forever. I'm about to embark on yet one more big journey very soon and I'm actually really proud of myself for having the courage to try. :)

Thanks for sharing the love and encouraging us to do the same!

Jade @ Tasting Grace

Happy Fat Girl said...

Things I love about me:

- My friends. I have the best friends. Seriously. Even if I recently blogged in ways that sound otherwise, my friends rule. (You are my friend, so you should have already figured out the link between being my friend and being awesome)

- I love my eyes. They are the only feature I've never been at odds with.

- I love my dry sense of humor and my ability to get away with saying totally not appropriate things in public.

Thanks for posting this! I linked to you on my blog because I loved this so much!!! YAY YOU!!

Erin said...

I really love my ankles. They're slim and dainty. I am a good friend, and I love that I would do just about anything for the people I love. I love that I have two beautiful children and they are worth every stretchmark and bit of saggy skin.

Love this post so much!

adorkable said...

i love that i can pretty much make anybody matter how bad their mood is :)

and my ass, its great!

thanks for this post katrina, so many times it is easy to get hung up on the things we dont like about ourselve that it becomes difficult to see the good. and i love you for encouraging people to take a moment and acknowledge all the wonderful things they have to offer to others, you rock!!!

Carmen said...

Fabulous post! Going to have Mika in my head all day now :P

About myself, I love my sense of humour (ok not to many other people love that about me but who cares right?) And my big boobies! Whhoooo! Great post - so good I had to say it twice :P

kristi said...

Sent over by Happy Fat Girl. I love my attitude. I have the attitude that nothing is as bad as it seems. I only started trying to lose weight for health reasons but I always FEEL good and when you FEEL good you LOOK good. Or is it the other way around??

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