Tuesday, July 5, 2011

you're like a grandma.

I had big plans this summer. I was going to go out and enjoy the weather and have a good time. And so I went swimming at my cousin's house last Thursday. That seemed like a good idea, right? And it was.

Minus the part when I fell getting into the pool and busted the hell out of my knee.

One day of pain and a doctor's visit later I discovered I had injured my cartilage. Awesome! Because there is nothing more fun than spending my days sitting on a sofa and popping vicodin. Are you jealous? You totally should be!

I don't know exactly what's wrong yet because I have to fight with insurance companies to pay for my claims. I love our health care system. Really. Really.

But there are plus sides! I get people to come visit me and I got to ride around Walmart in one of those scooters. By the way, those things are harder to manage than you'd think. They don't like to stay still and when you back up it's embarrassing. Let's all mock my pain, shall we? As Lily said today... "Aunt Katy, you're like a grandma."


Shellipants said...

I Love you and I love your scooter. You totally rocked that thing. Hope you get the help you need ;)

love your face

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