Monday, March 1, 2010

Geekery Brings Love.

This weekend I was blessed to meet a friend of mine named Nicole. Whenever I remember I've only "known" her for a few months I feel as though I'm counting the days wrong. But, no, I've really only been talking to her for a few months.

After a weekend together though... I'm pretty sure I'm going to insist on knowing her for the rest of my life.

There was so much talk of geekery and laughing at silly moments. We mocked sculptures and found subtext is everything we came across.

Wandering around my city with someone who could make me laugh was amazing. Even when we stalked real life people or tried to understand some really bad art.

There was eating ice cream outside in the cold, wandering around shops and walking the streets of Chicago. Coffee with new friends, a pub with much laughing and a train ride home in which we both SOMEHOW managed to stay awake. We played with our food, spent far too much money on candy and saw a movie. We even listened to David Schwimmer tell us everything we never cared to know about Chicago.

Turns out, Nicole is scared of heights. Maybe that is why she got the free ticket to the top of the Hancock and I paid full price. (So much fail.)

I'm so blessed to have awesome friends. I've met so many of them through the internet and really through the Harry Potter community. Some people out there might find it geeky, but it's really a blessing. Without that community online I wouldn't have met Nicole or a dozen other amazing people who make up my life and support system.

And even if they are far away, sometimes it just takes a plane (and blown tired, shuttle and attempted kidnapping) to get some quality time with them.


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